DIGITAL skills are helping a Teesside company sell its products around the world.

Redcar-based Daisy and Bump specialises in children’s nursery illustrations.

The company is run by husband and wife Chris and Jessie Bowman and in the last year turnover has exceeded £100,000.

It’s all thanks to the duo navigating their way around the world of e commerce.

Jessie said: “Online sales were definitely the right thing to do and it’s all taken off so fast, far faster than we expected.

“We are receiving orders from across the world every day and on average we are shipping up to 100 prints a week.

“It’s the best thing we ever did.”

The company launched in 2013 and Jessie and Chris recognised that in order to achieve the sales figures they wanted their customers needed to be able to place orders 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

They were not in a position to invest thousands of pounds into a bespoke website and so began to explore other options.

They opted for an online company that allows people to ‘rent’ an e shop on a monthly basis.

“It was the perfect solution for us at the time, we were able to brand our own shop front and the site takes care of all the e commerce.

“We didn’t need to build a website or have one built for us so it saved us money when we were just starting up.

“Things have grown to such an extent now that we are looking to invest in a purpose-built website that will deliver all the things we need.

“By doing it the way we have for the last two years means we are in a much better position to know exactly what we want from our website, which will save us money in the long term.”

The company also trades via online sites such as Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet – offering sellers the chance to reach an existing customer base for minimal cost.

The story began when Jessie and Chris met while studying fashion design at university in London.

Jessie, 27, struggled to find her niche in the industry and spent several years working in retail.

In her spare time she started drawing animal characters, using her sister’s rescue rabbit Phantom as her inspiration.

The character of Daisy the Rabbit was born and was soon accompanied by Bumperton the Elephant, or Bump for short.

Other characters have since been added and the company’s biggest customers outside the UK are the USA and Australia.