A FREIGHT and international shipping company is growing its customer base thanks to adopting digital technologies.

Terry Goldspink and wife Mandy launched Evolution Forwarding in 2011.

This year the company is on track to achieve £1m turnover and 90% of that business is obtained over the internet.

Evolution Forwarding, based at Skippers Lane in Middlesbrough, exports to more than 60 countries, including 19 of the 20 fastest-growing overseas markets, and has ramped up international sales to around 90% of overall revenues.

Terry recognised the value of utilising digital technologies at an early stage and the company is now exploiting many of the opportunities that exist.

Not only are they using digital sales and marketing tools such as search engine optimisation, Google AdWords and social media, they are in the process of implanting new operating systems and digital accounting systems to streamline their internal practices.

Terry said: “The new systems we are implementing, including a new digital accounting system, will save time and money as there will be less duplication of information and more accurate financial information.

“The previous systems we were using got us this far through our growth but we realised that as we become more successful we need a system that better fits our business.

“We were using an American system which was no longer suitable for purpose so we’ve streamlined the whole process, focusing on ease of use, clarity and access to information.

“It has taken a significant amount of investment but the returns will be worth it and the new system will see us through the next five to ten years.”

Terry is an advocate of digital marketing and has placed his faith in its ability to attract new customers.

Evolution Forwarding now has no sales staff – it relies almost solely on its ability to attract new business over the internet.
Terry said: “On average we get four or five inquiries every day, and every one of them says they found us on Google.

“The more you can get your head into digital marketing the better, it’s not just a web presence, you have to do so much more, but you can track the results which allow you to refine your strategies to achieve maximum results.”

Terry’s immediate aims are to ramp up UK sales, with Teesside’s strong petrochemical and process cluster a key target, and grow overall revenues to up to £2m within three to five years.

The company handles dangerous goods, shipping by air, road and sea a whole host of products from nail varnish, perfumes and aerosols to paints and adhesives.