For Tony Smith digital means saving time, generating more inquiries and reaching more potential clients.

Tony launched his Health and Safety consultancy company Smith Safety Solutions in 2006 after working for 17 years in the chemical industry.

Since then he’s seen the digital landscape change significantly.

Realising that if he didn’t improve his company’s online presence he’d get left behind Tony got in touch with DigitalCity.

The experts there helped him to upgrade and simplify his website, meaning he had greater control of what was on it.

He was able to upload content, amend content, build in links to social media and change the appearance of the website to better meet his purposes.

Tony said: “I’m not a digital expert by any stretch of the imagination but now when I update the website it automatically updates my Twitter and Facebook accounts, meaning I don’t have to post the same information in three different places.

“I’ve now got a system that fits my purposes, it’s simple for me to do and I have greater control over what’s on the site.”

The majority of Tony’s customers contact him by phone – the number is on his website – and more and more new customers tell him they’ve found him thanks to a quick online search using Google.

It’s for that reason that Tony is learning more about Search Engine Optimisation – ways to get your website on the first page of a Google search rather than languishing somewhere on page two, three, four, or even five.

It could make the difference between someone calling him, or one of his competitors.

Since reviewing his website and carrying out the changes with help from DigitalCity Tony has seen Darlington business grow significantly.

The work carried out on the site has since saved him time and money.

He said: “It’s less expensive than people might think.

“I’d definitely recommend other businesses take advantage of the free help and support that’s available through the Tees Valley Digital Capability Challenge.

“You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Smith Safety Solutions works with a range of companies across a wide range of sectors to deliver health and safety solutions including documentation drafting, staff training, risk assessments, fire risk assessments, safety surveys, independent investigation of accidents and reviews of Health and Safety performance.